Leadership Excellence

Go for the right strategic focus, start decisive future projects and implement transformation with calmness and a clear mind. Keep the focus on the main levers of change and establish a professional collaboration. Involve the different parties and stakeholders step by step in this tour and finally reach the summit. Start the next successful mountain hike with training and profound self- & change leadership experience.

Leadership is a responsibility. We call you a leader because you choose to take the risk to go first; first into the unknown, first into the danger, to protect your people, and to help them achieve more than they thought they were capable of.” Simon Sinek


Personal leadership – self mastery and lasting success

  • Activate full leadership potential in yourself and others
  • Recognize dynamics and steer effectively
  • Align your inner success compass and mental Software
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Top level leadership – form strategic alliances and shape the business future

  • Find decisive levers for the business future
  • Create alignment and commitment at the top level
  • Form structures, networks and mobilize high performance

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Change leadership – effective implementation of change

  • Find and use the decisive levers of change
  • Create customized change architecture
  • Steer transformation processes effectively

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PERSONAL LEADERSHIP – apply and access full Leadership-Potential

  • Full use of one’s own strengths – sovereign, powerful and balanced
  • Develop your Personal Leadership with exclusive Coaching

The Coaching will be perfectly centered around your specific requirements and requests. Based on the following three main coaching packages you can choose your customized procedure: 6 – 8 Coaching Meetings á 3 hours | Intensive: 3 – 6 x 1 day | Retreat: 3.5 days + Follow Up Meetings on demand.

“ChangeCoaching” The Coaching provides solution-impulses concerning specific leadership, change and self management issues. In many cases it’s sufficient to encourage a new perspective. Based on that you will to develop a strategy how to handle the topic.

Re-Invention & Personal Branding” The Coaching-Process ‚Re-Invention & Personal Branding‘ offers an intense and exclusive re-alignment of your leader and success personality. Due to business demands and changes you will reflect and adjust your inner & outer success leavers and strengthen your leader performance.

BoardCoaching” The developement from Top Management to Executive Board Member is mainly a political upheaval and it comes with many changes. On the top it’s different and it requires role adjustment. Be prepared and define your board roadmap (for the first 100 days) and ensure long-term success.

TOP LEVEL LEADERSHIP – collaboration for the business future

  • Top management team steering the business future
  • Develop Top-Level-Leadership with exclusive coaching

The Coaching will be perfectly centered around the specific requirements and requests. Based on the following four modules a customized procedure will be tailored to suit.

„Strategic focus“ Elaborate and define strategic clarity and commitment in the top team. A realistic future picture provides the necessary basis for a common orientation and alignment.

„Top-Team-Alliance“ Top team managing the business future. Form a reliable, focused and implementation power through cross departmental procedures and coordinated communication

„Future-Projects“ Prevent the gradual withdrawal from important change topics. Establish well thought-out project structures and enable the steering and implementation of future projects.

„High professional Collaboration“ Despite of all the complexity to be managed, ensure a constructive and focused collaboration basis. Create cooperation for the business future and implement necessary changes.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP – Steer and implement future projects successfully

Highly effective Change-Coaching for efficient and sustainable implementation of changes in the company. Practice-proved, targeted and integrated.

Develop Change Leadership with exclusive change-coaching.

„Change-Architecture“ Design a customized change-architecture for your change process. You will get clarity about the decisive success levers, the perfect change team and the supportive communication measurements.

“Change-Steering” Organise and steer the change project and find creative solutions. Identify change levers and go for the right roadmap. Direction targeted and flexible – till successful implementation.

„Change-Key-Workshops“ create a targeted change-culture , develop on the spot workshops, mastering change-key-situations. Win decisive stakeholder and create a supportive change-dynamic.


Learn and develop Leadership competence and skills. Focused workshops, seminars, speeches

  • Effective Self & Change Steering
  • Implement necessary Change
  • Leadership in transformation times
  • Establish high professional collaboration
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