Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is a key element for lasting success as a manager and leader. It is about being able to focus on the decisive topics and influence the situation in a targeted way. As a leader one finds the tipping-points for change and develops targeted networks and alliances – brings out the full leadership potential in oneself and others. A leader stays focued, calm and steers the situation against all odds.

Managers and leaders with long-term success practice self-reflection and personal leadership – the capability of steering oneself and unleash potential. And successful companies attract leaders who are high performers and live a balanced life.

Leadership Coaching offers a secure space where managers can work on their personal leadership competencies. They can bring in their topics, reflect on it and find valuable impulses and solutions.

Strengthen Personal Leadership 

  • Focus on the key topics and live a balanced life
  • Adjust your inner compass and utilize full leadership potential
  • Increase performance and overcome behavioural patterns
  • Activate the main levers for lasting success and contentment

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”Jack Welch


PERSONAL LEADERSHIP – apply and access full Leadership-Potential

  • Full use of one’s own strengths – sovereign, powerful and balanced
  • Develop your Personal Leadership with exclusive Coaching

The Coaching will be perfectly centered around your specific topics, requirements and requests. Based on the following three main coaching packages you can choose your customized procedure: 6 – 8 Coaching Meetings á 3 hours | Intensive: 3 – 6 x 1 day | Retreat: 3.5 days + Follow Up Meetings on demand.

“ChangeCoaching” The Coaching provides solution-impulses concerning specific leadership, change and self management issues. In many cases it’s sufficient to encourage a new perspective. Based on that you will to develop a strategy how to handle the topic.

Re-Invention & Personal Branding“ The Coaching-Process ‚Re-Invention & Personal Branding‘ offers an intense and exclusive re-alignment of your leader and success personality. Due to business demands and changes you will reflect and adjust your inner & outer success leavers and strengthen your leader performance.

BoardCoaching“ The developement from Top Management to Executive Board Member is mainly a political upheaval and it comes with many changes. On the top it’s different and it requires role adjustment. Be prepared and define your board roadmap (for the first 100 days) and ensure long-term success.


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Customer quotes

“The coaching was excellent, it influenced me sustainably and in a positive way“

„I only can recommend the coaching – I don’t know anything comparable.“

Doris ask questions that will help you to do self-realization…. Awesome.

„I really learned something about myself. I felt that this was a milestone. Keep it up!“

„Astonishing how it is possible to get to know oneself so much better in only three days.“

„The coaching experience unleashed huge power in me – my impact on the job is changed.“

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