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As a successful manager and leader in these transformational times you are asking yourself: How do I deal with all these challenges? How to activate potenzial? How to ensure necessary targeted collaboration across teams, departments and bussiness units? How to steer and implement the necessary changes?

Based on a combination of practice proved self & change management procedures I offer a secure space where you can bring in your actual challenges to reflect on. You will find impulses, new perspectives and solutions.

Top managers who practice effective self-reflection and self-management are in the long run more successful and do live a happy life. They are aware about their impact on the team, the company, the culture and on lasting company success.


  • finding the right focus and utilize potential
  • developing solutions for actual challenges
  • deriving strategies to implement change
  • strengthening leadership and management practice

Personal Leadership & Change Steering – Compass for long-lasting success


Leadership & Change Coaching supports sustainable results.

  • How to set the right course for the future in transformational times?
  • What are success levers to implement the necessary transformation?
  • How to involve and motivate colleagues and staff?
  • How to I stay motivated and balanced?
  • How to maintain a high level performance on the long run?


Personal Leadership

Effective self-management and long-lasting success | more

Top Team Leadership

Forming strategic alliances and shaping the future | more

Change Leadership


Effective steering and implementing of change | more

In-house Seminars & Change-Key-Workshops


In-house seminars & change-key-workshops | more

Compass for long-lasting success



„Solid progress and great work! Thanks.“

The coaching was excellent. It has had a very positive impact on me.

„I really gained a lot from it. Many of the people I deal with have noticed positive changes.

I gained new insights that will be very helpful. I can only encourage you to include as many people as possible in this work – I’m sure almost everyone will be better off.

Praxis-proven Know-how 

The books provide background knowledge and practical guidelines regarding personal leadership, high performance, on  change leadership, busines culture and intercultural conflict handling.

More about the books and the author.

Leadership & Change Coach – Dr. Doris Kappe

As a certified (ICF) leadership & change coach I’m building on more than twenty years of company and management development and on seventeen years of collaboration with the Management Center St. Gallen (MZSG, Prof. Fredmund Malik).

  • Senior Coach Dt. Bundesverband Coaching e.V. DBVC and International Organization for Business Coaching e.V. IOBC
  • International Coaching Federation ICF | Professional Certified Coach | PCC
  • Certified Coach at Haufe Akademie and Klaiton

BuchCompass for your success: Effective Self- & Change Steering more
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