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It’s a fine line between inner and outer success. The combination of highly effective self-leadership & change steering creates true corporate advancement. Top manager effectiveness increases in the long term, bringing about the necessary changes within the company. True leadership is practiced when the decisive personal and organizational success levers are utilized.

I recently met someone who was happy to recommend you because you manage to shape behavioral changes in the long run.“ Prof. Axel Koch

Personal leadership & change steering – Compass for long-lasting success


Consulting approaches that lead to sustainable results.

How can top managers set the right course for the future in times of transformation? What are the levers that I can apply to actually implement the necessary transformation? How and when do I involve colleagues and staff responsibly and expediently? How do I stay motivated and prepared? How can I maintain a high level of performance over the long term?

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Personal leadership

Effective self-management and long-lasting success | more

Top level leadership

Form strategic alliances and shape the future | more

Change leadership


Effective steering and implementation of change projects | more

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Keynote speeches, in-house seminars & change-key-workshops | more

Compass for long-lasting success

Doris Kappe | Podcast (DE)


„Solid progress and great work! Thanks.”

The coaching was excellent. It has had a very positive impact on me.

“I really gained a lot from it. Many of the people I deal with have noticed positive changes.

I gained new insights that will be very helpful. I can only encourage you to include as many people as possible in this work – I’m sure almost everyone will be better off.



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