Change Leadership

Steer and implement transformation

Use the decisive change levers and implement necessary strategic changes instead of numerous actions that lack profound results, specious KPIs and lavish motivation events.

Change leadership

  • Find the decisive levers for transformation processes
  • Develop a customized change architecture
  • Steer the change project with practice proven procedures
  • Convince the involved parties step by step and implement change

„The challenge of (change) leadership is to be strong but not rude, to be kind but not weak, to be bold but not a bully, to be thoughtful but not lazy, to be humble but not timid, to be proud but not arrogant, to have humor but without folly.“ – Jim Rohn

Our latest change project was declared a benchmark project for the company by McKinsey.

Customized change architecture 

There are change requirements but yet you do not know how to start and steer the process in a professional way. It takes one or two days of preparation and thinking about the specific circumstances of your business situation and a tailored change management architecture will be at your hands. It will provide you and your team with the basic structure, procedure and tools to steer the process. You will be aware of the decisive change levers, the supportive and reliable team members, the clear change targets and about the specifically needed communication and change measurements. On that basis and with a continuous process Review you can be sure to implement change successfully.

Steer and implement change 

Together with an experienced change sparring partner it is possible to review the change implementation process. You do not have an external consulting group in charge of steering the process? There is no need; it can even be counterproductive. With the integrated change management approach you will use your own forces and steer the implementation with a minimum of external support. Change will be implemented based on a highly professional steering intervention plan.

Change dynamics with key measures

In every change project, key interventions are necessary to convince important stakeholders. They often are decisive for the overall project success. With us you will turn these situations into change levers for success. We create and implement these change key measurements together with you and go for high performance in implementing the change.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP – Steer and implement strategic projects successfully

Highly effective Change-Coaching for efficient and sustainable implementation of changes in the company – practice-proved, targeted and integrated.

Develop Change Leadership with exclusive change-coaching.

„Change-Architecture“ Design a customized change-architecture for your change process. You will get clarity about the decisive success levers, the perfect change team and the supportive communication measurements.

„Change-Steering“ Organise and steer the change project and find creative solutions. Identify change levers and go for the right roadmap. Direction targeted and flexible – till successful implementation.

„Change-Key-Workshops“ create a targeted change-culture , develop on the spot workshops, mastering change-key-situations. Win decisive stakeholder and create a supportive change-dynamic.

Customer quotes

„The first Manager meeting went very well. We achieved much more than I had hoped to achieve at the beginning.“

„We conducted our ninth intense and very productive meeting. Continuously using the Dr. Kappe Integrated Change Management Approach® we redefined and adjusted the working structure of the change force. The highly effective workshop was another milestone in implementing the strategy. Progress was reviewed in all modules and next steps with detailed action lists were agreed on, including the roadmap.“

„Now we have a global virtual team working together on a single solution that operates three times around the globe. Efficiency has increased extensively.“

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