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Books from Doris Kappe are about conflict solving, system behavior, change management and leadership. Profound company and personal development is the main focus. You will find background information and proven practical guidelines for self- & change leadership.

As an internal manager for Siemens AG and Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, as a partner at Fredmund Malik’s Management Center and as a business psychologist she offers expertise in the area of self & change steering. Kets de Vries mentioned (INSEAD 2013) that the kind of species with deep understanding of company dynamics and profound psychological know how is seldom to find.

High Performance Leader – Lasting success on the top level

highperformanceCompanies striving for success at today’s time need new leading personalities. Such leaders have to be social architects who are ready to create something new, foster innovation, unleash forces and at the same time keep the operational business on track. High performance leaders create working structures and cultures, which enables employees to add their intelligence and creativity. The decisive key competence of high performers nowadays is effective self-leadership. It means taking control of one’s own mental state, adjusting one’s thinking and even feeling and developing a confident way of living and working. Based on this, a leader’s effectiveness will increase considerably.

High Performance Leader – Lasting Success on a Top Level | 2016 | Springer Verlag | ISBN 978-3-658-09018-0

Integrated Change Management – The decisive levers for change

changemanagementMore companies than ever are confronted with necessary changes at the beginning of the third millennium. There are two underlying factors: on the one hand, globalization of markets, increasing competition and new technologies require creative and flexible entrepreneurial strategies. On the other hand, companies are confronted with social trends such as the expectation of more self-determination, participation and individual self-development. However, not only the economic environment and society are changing; there is also an increased integration of individuals and systems. Therefore, this book aims at offering a guideline, a basic structure and procedures to navigate and control new and uncertain environments.

Integrated Change Management – The Decisive Levers for Change | 2010 | Hampp | ISBN 978-3-86618-452-7

Strategy-Aligned Behavior – The success factor of companies

strategieorientiertBehavior that focuses consistently on customer needs is a major survival skill for companies. Based on specific examples, the book describes how to implement strategies and to achieve targets, inter alia by means of working on the behavioral patterns that determine companies’ effectiveness and output.

Strategy-Aligned Behavior – The Success Factor of Companies | 2007 | Expert Verlag | ISBN 978-3-8169-2564-4


Conflict resolution and culture-specific conflict behavior

konfliktbewaeltigungThe book describes a developed de-escalation concept and solution-oriented conflict regulation procedure. In addition, it includes a case study that proves culture-specific conflict resolution strategies of different cultural contexts.

Conflict Resolution and Culture-Specific Conflict Behavior | 1996 | Springer | ISBN 3-8244-4194-2 |

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